CEO's message
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Ensol Biosciences Inc. is a big data driven biopharmaceutical company that develops innovative new drugs for the diseases that have no therapeutic alternatives, such as degenerative disc, osteoarthritis, cancer, Alzheimer's dementia, and type 1 diabetes. It is a creative and challenging company which makes possible the very things that people in the world say that it is impossible.
We are currently working on a variety of clinical trials with our excellent drug candidates that are highly likely to succeed in terms of drug efficacy, mechanism and toxicity. Our driving force to discover innovative first-in-class new drugs that global pharmaceutical companies have not solved yet is our new drug discovery platform called KISDD(Knowledge-based In Silico Drug Discovery) 2.0.
KISDD is an innovative bio big data platform that can dramatically reduce the time and expense required for the development of new drugs when compared to the conventional approach. KISDD identifies the mechanism of the drug and predicts the toxicity and side effects of the drug before entering into the clinical trials and thereby maximizes the successability of new drug development by reducing the probability of failure in clinical trials.
All of our executives and employees are devoted in the development of innovative new drugs and biomaterials products in order to create high value and wealth, to build a company where employees are happy to work, and to help our neighbors realize their dreams.
It will be appreciated if you give us deep concerns and encouragements that may help us make a world-leading company that is honored to the Lord God and is preciously used to the good work for the mankind.
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Kim Hae-Jin, Ph.D.
CEO of Ensol Biosciences Inc.