About Ensol


Realizing health and happiness of humanity, it is the future that Ensol creates.

Ensol Biosciences is a creative and challenging company that enables and realizes what many people in the world say impossible.

As a bio big data-based biopharmaceutical company that develops global innovative new drugs for diseases without therapeutic alternatives worldwide, such as degenerative disc, degenerative arthritis, TNBC, Alzheimer’s disease and type 1 diabetes, Ensol Biosciences applies bio big data-based BT/IT convergence technology from the aspects of drug efficacy, mechanism and toxicity, and side effects to develop outstanding drugs with high potential, and works on various discoveries and clinical trial phases systematically.

Ensol Biosciences power behind the development of innovative drugs that global pharmaceutical companies haven’t even solved yet and developing them into first-in-class drugs is in the ‘bio big data-based’ new drug candidate search platform, called KISDD, which the company has been developing and operating endlessly since the establishment of company in 2001. Also, this was taken further to construct a prediction system against the target/mechanism verification and toxicity/side effects of new drug candidate, called ETONS. In other words, as a new drug developing expert designs a drug search strategy, added with the computing technology of bio big data, to synthesize and verify the new drug material candidates, with outstanding effects and minimized side effects, we can reduce the cost for new drug development dramatically than traditional drug development, and maximize the possibility as a completed new drug without a failure during clinical trial.

Ensol Biosciences creates high added value through the development of innovative new drug, licensing out and commercialization, and provides CDO service and new drug CMC consigned development service based on our new drug development technology. Also, based on the synthesis, analysis and separation technique of new drug material candidates, we offer the production/sales and analysis/separation service of phytochemical, a high-value biomaterial, and synthesis of peptides and chemicals.

Ensol Biosciences tries to create a happy company where all employees enjoy their work, sincerely hopes to become a global pharmaceutical company that can help our neighbors realize their dreams, and will make strenuous efforts for this goal. We look forward to your encouragement and support to help us become a glory to God and useful for the mankind. Thank you.

Dr. Hae-Jin Kim. CEO & Founder, Ensol Biosciences