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EAD200 : Animal Anticancer Drug


Currently, companion animals are considered a member of the family that lives the life together and the subject of care. Heavy investment in companion animals has increased their lifespan, but also increased the incidence of disease, such as decreased immunity, joint disease, skin change, tumor, and heart and hormone disorders with aging.

Normal cells not functioning properly due to mutation or external factors, not dying but continuously growing are the cancer cells. The most terrible disease in human is probably cancer, but dogs are not an exception. As the lifespan of pet increases, the incidence of cancer is also increasing. 50% of dogs 10 years old or over die of cancer. The most common cancers are malignant lymphoma, skin cancer,and mammary gland tumors, and so on.

EAD200 is a synthetic peptide substance that represents a mechanism that combines with TGF-β1 to reduce the signal pathway of Smad2. Sole administration of EAD200 to dogs diagnosed with many types of cancer has been shown to delay the growth of tumor.